In order to fulfill the needs of your project, we offer you different services.

  • Production (pre/post/complete)
  • Recording (full length, ep, demo, single…)
  • Overdubs
  • Voice-overs (for tv, commercials, film, music)
  • Mixing (track, album, stems)
  • Mastering
  • Live sound

All of our services are done with the same care and at very affordable rates.  Before your production starts, we would love to meet you and have a chat with you about every little detail of it. In that way we can make sure that all minds are alligned and that we can handle your music exactly as you want it. Please check out our contact page if you would like more information.


In the heart of Brabant, somewhere in between Brussels and Leuven & at the bottom of one of Hageland’s finest hills, there you can find Larsson Studio.

Founded in 2011, rebuild in 2016, it has become a place where passion meets music and where the best technology supports your creativity.

The studio is run by Jens and Bob, both passionate about music in all its aspects and with the necessary experience in producing, recording, mixing ,live mixing and playing in bands.

All of this makes that every project, from blues to rock and from metal to jazz, is handled with the same passion, care and drive to create something unique and to meet the highest standards that music production and clients requier these days.

We might look small but we do sound BIG.

The Studio

The studio consists of a live room from about 22 square meters and a control room from 25 square meters. Both rooms are accousticaly measured and treated in order to translate your music correctly to our ears.

There is also a small kitchenette with a combi microwave oven, a fridge with freezing drawer and a small induction cooking plate. Since we’re all coffee addicts, we offer you the choice between a senseo or a nespresso machine to make your ultimate cup of black gold.

Ofcourse you can bring your own food and drinks and leave it in our fridge, but we also offer you the possibility that we fill the fridge for you. This will be talked about in advance.

If you drank too much coffee, or if you ate too much healthy fastfood, no worries: there’s a seperate toilet just for you!

Parking space is right in front or near the building, so no need to worry about that. You can unload your gear right next to the entrance of the studio.

So, I hear you thinking: ‘but what about the gear?’

In the studio we only use gear from top brands such as: SSL, API, Neve etc. But if you’re a gear nerd (just like us), you should check out our complete equipment list here. (updated regularly)


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